Are No Deposit Bonuses Specific to Games?


Bonuses are the best things that can happen to anybody, and especially if you are playing at an online casino, they are a godsend. You can use the bonuses that casinos offer to prolong your game play, rake in more winnings, and generally feel nice and pampered. There are different kinds of bonuses available, including cash bonuses, tournament play, free spins, and more. One of the most exciting bonuses on offer at some online casinos is the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus is something everyone looks out for. The casino gives it to you even before you have funded your account. Even though some casinos require you to fund your account before you can use this bonus or before you can withdraw your winnings from it, the concept of free money – especially before you use your own money – is a great one and is one of the reasons why the no deposit bonus is so sought after. So what are the different kinds of no deposit bonuses? Are they associated with the specific games you play?

No Deposit Bonuses that Work with Specific Games

No deposit bonuses work well and are a win-win for everyone involved. The casino gets new players who will most likely continue with them, and players get free money to play, with the added incentive of keeping what you win with it. So how do no deposit bonuses actually work? Are there specific parameters? Do they work only for specific games? There is a lot of stuff going on with the no deposit bonus, and here is some of it.

Some of the no deposit bonuses work with specific games only. The best example of this is the free spin; it works only for slot games. There are a lot of online casinos that offer the free spin as a no deposit bonus. Some offer this in tandem with free cash, while others offer just the free spin. But what does the free spin bonus work on? Obviously, it cannot work on all the slot games in the casino; that would not be a practical option for the casino to provide. The free spins bonus, therefore, works only for specific slots. The casino lists the game(s) on which this bonus is applicable. For instance, it could be 20 free spins on the Rabbit in the Hat slot.

No Deposit Bonuses that are Independent of the Games on Offer

Apart from the free spins, the other no deposit bonuses that casinos offer – a cash bonus with or without a time constraint – work independent of the games that the casino offers. Since it is only cash that the casino is offering, the onus is on the player to choose which games he wants to play using this bonus amount. Even then, in terms of wagering requirements there will be limitations placed on specific games that the casino has on offer.

To sum up, no deposit bonuses work both ways, on specific games and also independent of them. It depends on the kind of no deposit bonus that the casino is offering.

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